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Two Study Findings Call ABR’s Into Question For Detecting Vestibular Schwannomas

A recently-released Danish study shows the auditory brainstem evoked response (ABR) test only detects 77-80% of vestibular schwannomas (VS; acoustic neuroma), and a recent Mass Eye & Ear study seems to explain why by detailing a

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Can A Strong Magnetic Field Induce Vertigo? Yes; And The Induced Lorentz Forces Can Be Used For Diagnosing Labyrinthine Disorders

This caught our attention, and made us put on our gEEk hats over morning coffee: Starting at magnetic flux densities of 3 Teslas (3.0 Webers/m² or ≈2.4 million Ampere/meter with µ = µ0) the magneto-hydrodynamic Lorentz force, derived

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