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Siemens Audiology Sold To EQT Partners for US$2.7 Billion; Sale Closes 1Q15

From the NY Times Dealbook: Siemens, the German engineering conglomerate, said on Thursday that it had agreed to sell its hearing aid unit to the European private-equity firm EQT Partners and the Strüngmann family of Germany

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Can A Strong Magnetic Field Induce Vertigo? Yes; And The Induced Lorentz Forces Can Be Used For Diagnosing Labyrinthine Disorders

This caught our attention, and made us put on our gEEk hats over morning coffee: Starting at magnetic flux densities of 3 Teslas (3.0 Webers/m² or ≈2.4 million Ampere/meter with µ = µ0) the magneto-hydrodynamic Lorentz force, derived

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