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Selecting a Cochlear Implant Surgeon

Hiring a cochlear implant surgeon for yourself or your child is just as important as selecting the right implant manufacturer, as the quality of the outcome

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In a previous article on selecting the appropriate Phonak Roger receiver, we urged that all hearing impaired children use FM or digital Remote Mic technology to give them the improved signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio to increase their listening ease, hence

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We at The Hearing Blog recommend FM or digital “spouse mic” assistive listening device (ALD) use for all hearing impaired people, so it warmed our hearts when our friends at offered three outstanding webinars presented by Linda Thibodeau

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Book Review: Programming Cochlear Implants, by Jace Wolfe PhD and Erin Schafer PhD

The Hearing Blog reviews Programming Cochlear Implants, by Jace Wolfe and Erin C Schafer; Plural Publishing. ISBN 978-1-59756-372-7