May Is Better Hearing Month: Get Your Free Hearing Health Checkup! #BHSM

May Is Better Hearing Month: Get Your Free Hearing Health Checkup! #BHSM

You get your vision & dental health checked annually, so you should also get your hearing health checked every year as well. May is Better Hearing & Speech Month, and almost every hearing care professional offers free screenings as a public service. What’s more, even if your hearing is good, these screening results can be forwarded to your doctor to become part of your permanent medical records; and will come in handy down the road if you have a problem with your hearing. What’s more, these professional screenings can tell you more than the sometimes-dodgy school and OSHA screenings, which often miss problems.

Many years ago ASHA designated May as Better Hearing Month, and encouraged their members to offer free hearing screenings to people of all ages as a public service; and quickly other professional organizations such as IHS signed on; and every year many tens of thousands more people across America and now around the world are taking advantage of this offer.

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The basic screening takes about 5-10 minutes, and consists of looking in your ear with an otoscope (oftentimes now video otoscope (right) so you can see as well) to look for impacted wax, irritation, and look at your eardrums’ condition. Then, you’ll slip on headphones and listen for very faint sounds to measure your hearing thresholds; and also in many cases — and we at The Hearing Blog highly recommend — a quick speech perception test where you’ll repeat back single-syllable words presented using recorded speech. Then, the professional will go over your results, make recommendations, inspect your hearing protection devices (HPD’s), and forward your results to your primary care doctor to include in your medical records to establish a baseline for future needs such as if sudden hearing loss occurs. Also, in the event a medical condition is uncovered, the professional will also refer you to an otologist or ENT for appropriate treatment.

Where to go & what to bring along:

There are many thousands of hearing care professionals, including almost all hearing aid dispensers and audiologists, who participate in #BHSM. However, you’ll often get a better screening if the facility also fits hearing aids: As it turns out, hearing aid sales practices at both independent and chain offices are tightly regulated in every state, including the crucial test methods and equipment. You can quickly locate a whole list of nearby providers on the independent website, one of the various chain websites or other facilities we know well in the list below, or by googling “hearing aids near me“.

Note how the temple of the eye protection breaks the ear cushion seal. Click the picture to see the assortment of custom crystal covered HPD's available at Gun Goddess in Las Vegas

Note how the temple of the eye protection breaks the ear cushion seal.
Click the picture to see the assortment of custom made crystal covered HPD’s available at Gun Goddess in Las Vegas

Before you leave for your annual hearing screening, print out this two page form and fill out the questionnaire portion on the first page; and also fill in your (or your child’s) Doctor’s name, address, phone and fax number, so the hearing professional can forward the results to him to add to your permanent medical records. Also, if you have seen an ENT, include that info as well. Even if your hearing is good now, it’s smart to have a baseline audiogram for down the road if trouble arises: For example, if you have sudden sensorineural hearing loss this baseline audiogram can expedite diagnosis and time-critical treatment. Also, if you wear HPD’s for work &/or recreation, bring them all along as well for them to be inspected, quickly cleaned, and also to verify you’re using them correctly, such as inserting foam earplugs properly. Also, be sure to discuss any difficulties you’re having with your HPD’s, such as the airtight seal breaking from the cheek weld with your long gun, as this has been a recurring problem with shooters.

If indeed it’s discovered you are among the 40 million Americans who has a hearing problem, Phonak’s Hearing Like Me website has a good rundown of the types of hearing loss here.


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