URGENT: Do NOT Upgrade ReSound Aventa Software To Version 3.8.1

GN ReSound shipped version 3.8.1 of their Aventa programming software to upgrade the firmware for the Enzo, LiNX, and LiNX² for Android compatibility;

Click to open a PDF scan of the Aventa 3.8.1 “Advisory Notice”

and once again, for the second time in three months this vital piece of software was not properly tested, as it loses the connection to the Enzo when attempting to either program or upgrade its’ firmware. This shows abysmal project management from their software team at Glenview, Illinois; and should get the people responsible for this ongoing fiasco FIRED.

The rollout of GN ReSound’s new LiNX² hearing aid has been an unmitigated disaster due to poor, if not non-existent IT project management in Denmark for the websites which continues to this day; and separately but devastatingly the project management for the crucial Aventa 3.8 programming software that was (A) Not Working when originally shipped in late February; (B) No notification was given to hearing aid professionals (including this one) of this showstopper bug in an attempted coverup; (C) The coverup was willfully exacerbated by not assigning a new version number to the corrected bits as has been software industry custom for decades when this occurs; and (D) Most devastatingly, the original downloadable bugfix updater released in early March and still downloadable in mid-March was Not Tested and Failed to Install, leaving hearing aid professionals (again, including this one) with useless hearing aids that could not be programmed: Since the programming software is an integral part of a digital hearing aid, this rendered the initial shipments of LiNX² hearing aids 100% defective. On top of these systemic project management failures in February and March, we now have another one with the so-called “Aventa 3.8.1” updater — Technically, it should be version 3.8.2 but they chose to continue the coverup charade from March.

At least here in the United States, IT project managers at major corporations get fired every day for mistakes far less egregious than what has occurred in the last three months at GN Stor Nord’s hearing aid division. Frankly, we are both surprised and disappointed at this, as due to the vast number of corporate headquarters in Chicagoland there is a strong project management community including several Masters level programs; so it should be rather easy to make the necessary personnel changes.

What is sad is that the LiNX² is a really nice aid, especially since after over four years of producing wireless aids Ballerup finally got the message they desperately needed a #13 RIC to handle the demands of more than casual audio streaming due to the heavy load causing O2 exhaustion in the #312 — Something we pointed out last August.

Here is the screen shot for the defective “Aventa 3.8” internet update to fix the problem of the original shipped version from late February: This was freshly downloaded through the Aventa 3.8 Updater on March 19th, 2015, fully three weeks after the LiNX² started shipping. You be the judge:

Here is the screen shot of the Aventa 3.8 updater being incorrectly configuted, displayed on Windows 8.1

Here is the screen shot of the Aventa 3.8 updater being incorrectly configuted, displayed on Windows 8.1. We duplicated this failure several days later on our Windows 7 laptop.


Here are the screen shots for the defective “Aventa 3.8.1” software shipped out last week — Again, you be the judge:


When you click Connect it initially recognizes the instrument, indicating the AirLink2 interface was working. We received the same sequence of error messages when we switched to our HiPro.


This aid had patient data on it; and was used as a test aid as it was going back as it was a bit distorted. However, when we clicked Continue we received the error in the screen dump below:


OK, let’s at least see if we can update the Enzo 7 firmware:


Again, we see that the EO798 was initially recognized; but in the screen capture below you see it loses the connection.




To undo the damage from the defective Aventa 3.8.1 software:

  • Go to Control Panels → Programs and Features;
  • Right-click on Aventa and select uninstall (if you are running in standalone mode, you will not lose your patient data);
  • Download, install and run Raxco PerfectRegistry;1Screen_dump_PR
  • Reboot;
  • Reinstall Aventa 3.8 — You can download the stable version here.


  1. We started using Raxco software on the DEC Alpha/NT platform in 1997: In addition to enterprise-grade Windows NT tools they also produce tools for the OpenVMS operating system. They have been around for over 35 years, and we highly recommend both PerfectRegistry and PerfectDisk defragger for every Windows user;
  2. We just discovered your humble editor was a colleague of GN Store Nord Chairman Per Wold-Olsen at pharmaceutical giant Merck back in 1988 when it was run by legendary CEO & Chairman Roy Vagelos, who during his tenure as CEO of Merck & Co. from 1985 to 1994, was the largest and most profitable drug company on the planet. Forced out due to the firm’s archaic mandatory chief executive retirement age policy, Merck has steadily lost market share, and industry clout, ever since. Roy often came down to the 300+ acre West Point PA campus to check on the progress of the Building 47 lab facility, of which this engineer was involved with the commissioning and final troubleshooting. Merck was a great place to work, with a corporate culture that encouraged excellence, as if a professional screwed up badly, the FDA could (and sometimes would) come down hard, and the offender would be summarily dismissed. We at The Hearing Blog hope that Wold-Olsen brings this same discipline to his Danish post~
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