HIA’s MarkeTrak 9: A Steaming Pile Of Manure

HIA’s MarkeTrak 9: A Steaming Pile Of Manure

The Hearing Industries Association trade group’s Better Hearing Institute didn’t like the results former director Sergei Kochkin PhD was finding in his MarkeTrak 1 through 8 research using a panel of 60,000 homes via the well-respected National Family Opinion; so they fired him, MarkeTrak9-composite and hired an online market survey firm to give them the answers they wanted to hear, with results about as scientific as an MSNBC or Fox News viewer poll telling their audience in their respective echo chambers what they want to hear. In HIA’s audience’s case the reverberation of user satisfaction being way up over previous MarkeTrak surveys is what they want to hear, real life results be damned. As anyone who has actually hung hearing aids will gladly tell you, a large number of older patients who are the actual users, and not their adult children, don’t even have an e-mail address (let alone an Internet connection), making this online survey methodology Not Valid.

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Oh, and No, HIA president Carole Rogin: It’s never a good time to have a hearing loss — Not in September 2012, not today, and not a decade from now should anyone have to endure the nightmare of deafness:

Original video here (scroll to 1:40)

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  1. Devon Taaffe
    April 17, 2015 at 10:16 am

    “good time to have hearing loss” are you f’ing kidding. That has to be one of the most dismissive and insensitive comments I have ever heard. It is akin to someone saying since we have neurally controlled prosthetics, now is a great time to lose an arm or leg.

    Kochkin’s work was an honest look at the industry, losing him is basically the killing blow on marketrak.

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