Oticon’s Internet Sales Response To Phonak’s

Do they think people are stoopid? Changing the address from one driveway to another for the corner lot at Schoolhouse Road & Cottontail Lane in Somerset NJ does not make Wm Demant’s — Their answer to Phonak’s Hearing Planet — a separate entity from Oticon.

Anyone who has been in the hearing aid industry a few years instantly recognizes the 29 Schoolhouse Road address in Somerset NJ as the ugly one-story industrial park building in which Oticon USA moved into circa 1983, and handed off to their Sonic Innovations acquisition about three years ago as they moved into their new palace off I-287. We received an anonymous tip that Demant was going head-to-head against by buying the expensive domain and registering it at 2501 Cottontail Lane, which is the other driveway to their building. Fortunately, Google Maps exposes the sophistry rather quickly (click each image to go directly to Google Maps or right-click and save to view full size images):
29 Schoolhouse Road & 2501 Cottontail Lane map

If you can’t quite see the lighter shade of their building on the map, this aerial photo will make it clear:

29 Schoolhouse Road & 2501 Cottontail Lane aerial

…And here is the registration information (Click link to go to Netsol WHOIS or image to enlarge): registration data

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