EXCLUSIVE: Austin will host the 2014 Hearing Loss Ass’n of America Convention

Mark your 2014 planning calendar for June 26-29 for the Hearing Loss Association of America’s annual convention in beautiful Austin, Texas!

Why The Hearing Blog is announcing the 2014 Convention site now:

In previous years the Convention site was announced as soon as it was booked, sometimes as long as 2½ years in advance, to allow for local “host” Chapters to plan. In addition, the Convention has real value to hearing care professionals, as 16 to 18 hours of valuable ASHA and AAA continuing education unit (CEU) credit are awarded; and these professionals need as much time as possible to plan their schedules.

Unfortunately, not providing adequate notice of the convention site has already caused a Major Problem: The Oregon Hearing Society had, by the time they found out about the Portland Convention, already scheduled their Summer Conference at the same time; with the effect of losing HLAA Convention paid attendance of perhaps a hundred or more local hearing aid dispensers & audiologists. In addition, providing adequate advanced notice allows for related Conferences to be scheduled, such as the Second International Loop Conference in DC, in June 2011.

We urge the HLAA Board of Directors to provide guidance to the convention planning staff

Austin Texas skyline

Austin Texas skyline

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